Tips for Refrigeration Repair

Tips for Refrigeration Repair

Your refrigerator is an amazement piece of equipment. It has to run all day and all night, never getting a break. Considering the amount of work your refrigerator does, it’s amazing that it can go so long between repair sessions.

The best thing you can do when you realize that your refrigerator needs some work will be calling San Francisco Appliance Repair and make arrangements for them to come to your home as quickly as possible. We offer same day service to make sure that you don’t have to throw away all of the food you’ve stocked up on.

Lack of cleaning is one of the reasons that many refrigerators break down and need repair work. Dust and pet hair builds up on the condenser coil, making it impossible for the unit to work properly and to overheat. At least once a month, you should push the appliance away from the wall and vacuum the coils. This will significantly extend the life of the unit.

Another reason that so many refrigerators stop working is being filled to full. This is particularly common with the freezer section. When you shove months’ worth of food inside, it’s impossible for the unit to keep everything cool enough and vents get blocked. By avoiding overcrowding the interior, you put less strain on the unit. If you need to have repair work done on the unit, empty it out so our professional’s refrigeration experts can easily get at the problem parts.

Pay careful attention to how your refrigerator runs. As soon as you notice it making strange noises, not keeping food as cool as it should be, or that it seems to be running harder than normal, you want to make arrangements to have it fixed. By contacting San Francisco Appliance Repair as soon as you notice your unit isn’t working properly, you will decrease the chances of something major going wrong, which results in large repair bill or even having to replace the appliances altogether. Every single day we get reports from our technicians who had to do a massive amount of work on a refrigerator which could have been avoided if the owner had contacted us as soon as they noticed a problem.

If you decide to repair your refrigerator yourself, don’t try to save money by using cheap replacement parts. These parts will temporarily solve the problem, but will wear out quickly, resulting in you having to do the work all over again. In addition to making sure you’re working with quality parts, make sure the parts you replace fit properly. Every single day we respond to calls that could have been avoided if the owner had made sure the part was properly installed.

If you like doing your own repair work, you need to invest in a good quality repair manual and consult it every time you do any work on your refrigerator. The book should guide you through both the process of making the actual repair, and how to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue.

If you find you’re in over your head, contact us at San Francisco Appliance Repair. We have a team of professionals standing by who are ready and willing to get your appliance up and running again. We offer cheerful, accurate, same day service.