Thermador Appliance Issues

Thermador Appliance Issues

The Thermador company got its start during WWI when it made electric heaters. Since then the company has gone from creating a single product, to marketing an entire range of high end appliances. Not only has the company been good about consistently making appliances that serve all of their customer’s needs, but the company has also been very innovative. It was them who first launched an oven with a self-cleaning feature. The company also takes credit for coming up with cook-tops that are smooth and the wall ovens. Who knows what brilliant appliance innovations the Thermador Company will unveil in the future.

Thermador Oven Issues

When your oven won’t turn on, the first thing you need to check will be the power source. Although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes the cord can come loose of the outlet, especially if you’ve recently moved the oven for some reason. Every few months you need to check the external condition of the power cord and make sure that it hasn’t gotten damaged in any way.  A damaged cord will need to be replaced.

If your oven has started to create a strong electrical smell each time you turn it on, you need to stop using it right away. There are several different things that could be causing this situation, including old wires. It’s in your best interest to enlist our Thermador oven repair services. We’ll correct the problem. Continuing to use your oven will be a fire hazard. It’s not worth the risk.

Thermador Refrigerator Issues

Sometimes the ice maker on your refrigerator won’t make ice and at the same time you’ll notice none of your interior lights want to come on. While this could be a serious problem, most of the time there’s a simple solution. Check and see if your unit has a Holiday feature. If so press the button. The button is designed for people who frequently go out of town and don’t need all of the unit’s features running and burning electricity.

Although they’re not as complicated as some other brands, Thermador refrigerators are a high end model, and most owners find them to be too complicated for do it yourself appliance repair. It’s generally in your best interest to hire a company that specialize in Thermador refrigerator repair and will be able to do the job quickly and properly.

Why Us

There are several reasons why we should be your very first call when you need any kind of help with your Thermador appliances. Not only do we have a team of professionals who have received all kinds of factory certification, we also promise that we will only use parts designed for your Thermador appliances, never cheap parts that will break after a few months. When you take advantage of our Thermador appliance repair services you can rest assured that you’re only going to be treated to upfront, ethical business practices.

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